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CBD / Hemp Products and Information

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CBD & Full Spectrum Hemp Oils and Products

To purchase products, please contact us.  Some products may be in stock, and others need to be ordered.

Charlotte's Webb Full Spectrum Hemp Oils

Full Strength  7mg/ml  Mint Chocolate or Olive Oil
$39.99 1oz, $99.99 3.38oz

Extra Strength  18mg/ml  Mint Chocolate or Olive Oil
$74.99 1oz, $188.99 3.38oz

Advanced  50mg/ml  Mint Chocolate
$149.99 1oz

Maximum  120mg/ml  Mint Chocolate
$164.99 1oz, $299.99 3.38oz
(All Strengths may be Vaped)

UltraCell Zilis
16.5mg/ml  Lemon or Berry
$35  0.23oz
$149.95  1oz

CB2 New You
18mg/ml  Peppermint
$109.00 1 oz
(May be Vaped)

Drops New You
3.6mg/ml  Beverage Enhancer
Tasteless & Odorless
$49.00   2oz

Ultra Boosters Zilis

Dream (for sleep) $64.95 1oz
Edge (for Cognitive Function) $104.95 2oz
Ice (for Pain) $94.95 2oz
(Special Order Only)

Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract  Capsules
(Special Order)

Full Strength 8mg
$34.99 30 Capsules, $59.99 60 Capsules

Extra Strength 35mg
$69.99 30 Capsules, $119.99 60 Capsules

Charlotte's Web Balm
$14.99 0.5oz  150mg
$39.99 1.5oz  450mg

Charlotte's Web
Hemp Infused Cream

750mg per tube
Unscented or
Soothing Scent
$49.99 2.5oz

CBD Clinic
Level 5 Pro Sport
$90.00  45gm

UltraCell Topical Zilis

$149.95 2oz
(Special Order only)

Drops for Pets New You
$29.00 2oz

Charlotte's Web PAWS for Adult Dogs

$74.99 30ml, $188.99 100ml

(Special Order)

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